Weightlifting and Back Pain

Lifting weights can do wonders for your body, even if your not out for an Olympic medal. If you’re not careful, however, it can do painful things to your back.

Taking proper precautions can prevent back pain while weightliftingHere, courtesy of Spine-Health, are tips for protecting your back as you push yourself in the weight room.

  • Keep weight amounts within your personal limits before you begin weightlifting. The condition of your back plays a role!
  • Use less weight but do more repetitions.
  • Use a training machine rather than free weights for certain weightlifting exercises. This helps ensure your form is consistent. A machine may reduce stress on the back and can generally be used by someone with little or no supervision.
  • Use a spotter when working with free weights.
  • Discuss wearing a weight belt with your spine specialist or trainer. Studies are inconclusive on the value of belts, but your particular circumstance may merit one
  • Do not perform exercises such as the clean and jerk, dead lift, snatch or squat without proper supervision. These exercises pose greater risk for back injury and back pain.

Weightlifting can deliver tremendous benefits. Before you develop a program, however,  come see our spine and sports medicine specialists to discuss limitations and proper approaches.