Have you Considered Anesthetic or Corticosteroid Injections for your Lower Back Pain?




  • Trigger point injections – Sometimes, putting pressure on a certain spot in the back (called a trigger point) can cause pain at that spot or extending to another area of the body, such as the hip or leg.  To try to relieve pain, a local anesthetic, either alone or combined with a corticosteroid, is injected into the area of the back that triggers pain (trigger point injection).
  • Facet joint injections –A local anesthetic or corticosteroid is injected into a facet joint, which is one of the points where one vertebra connects to another.
  • Epidural injections –A corticosteroid is injected into the spinal canal where it bathes the sheath that surrounds the spinal cord and nerve roots.

How It Works

Local anesthesia is believed to break the cycle of pain that can cause you to become less physically active.  Muscles that are not being exercised are more easily injured, so the irritated and injured muscles can cause more pain and spasm disrupting sleep.  This pain, spasm, and fatigue, in turn, can lead to less and less activity.

Steroids reduce inflammation.  A corticosteroid injected into the spinal canal can help relieve pressure on nerves and nerve roots.

Why It Is Used

Injections may be tried if you have symptoms of nerve root compression or facet inflammation and you do not respond to nonsurgical therapy after 6 weeks.

How Well It Works

Research has not shown that local injections are effective in controlling acute or chronic low back pain that does not spread down the leg.

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