Safety tips for deer hunters in tree stands

Around here, deer season is the stuff of tradition for many families. Many of our neighbors grew up hunting deer with their parents. And, now, many of them are passing the tradition on to their own children.

It’s the first full week of November, and we’re about a month into this year’s deer season. This means more and more folks are spending time in the forests, and some of them are climbing into tree stands to hide from their quarry. This — believe it or not — is the most perilous thing most hunters will ever do. More deer hunters are injured falling from tree stands than any other way.

The statistics are sobering. Some studies suggest that more than 1 in 3 hunters will fall from their tree stands every year, and that 25% of those falls will result in injury. These injuries can be quite serious. Broken bones — especially in the leg or hip — are quite common. Head and spinal cord injuries are also fairly common. Some hunters who fall from their tree stands will never walk again. And, every year, a few won’t survive the experience.

The saddest thing is that many of these injuries are completely preventable. Easy-to-use safety equipment — such as climbing harnesses and ropes — is readily available. This equipment, combined with awareness of the risk, could help you avoid a fall and prevent an injury.

Prevent falls by using your tree stand safely
It only takes a moment to reduce your risk of injury. For example:

If you do suffer a fall, we can help
Falls from tree stands often require significant recovery time, and may even create chronic uses, such as back pain. In many cases, physical therapy can be a great help, often completely eliminating your pain over time.

If you’ve fallen from your tree stand (or suffered a fall in some other way), call us today to discuss your injury and begin your recovery: 540-347-9220.

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