Our Physical, Occupational and Hand Therapy Team works exclusively in the treatment of orthopedic conditions. We work hard to restore full functionality, using evidence-based treatments. That means it is orthopedic care backed by actual studies, research and trials. We’re always adapting to new developments in the field and offering the latest innovative treatment options.

Created specifically to meet your orthopedic needs, our facility includes:

At Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Spine Center in Warrenton, VA, we offer physical therapy tailored to our patients. As part of our comprehensive array of orthopedic care, we have therapy protocols (i.e., specific treatment plans) that are developed and implemented under the close consultation and supervision of our physicians. Based upon your unique situation and needs, we create a customized physical therapy program to help you. Read below or visit Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Spine Center in Warrenton, VA, to learn more.

Physical Therapy
Sports medicine, joint replacement therapy, gait and balance training, and treatment of orthopedic conditions of the shoulder, knee, hip and ankle all take place in our physical therapy gym.

Occupational and Hand Therapy
This program is designed for patients who have orthopedic conditions of the hand or upper extremities, problems with fine motor skills, or the need for improvement in daily activities. Our occupational and hand therapists are skilled in fabricating custom splints for the hand and upper extremities.

Spine Center
Spinal rehabilitation takes place in our state-of-the-art spine center at both our Warrenton and Gainesville, VA offices. This therapy focuses on improving spine strength and flexibility, body mechanics, ergonomics, weight management, and aerobic conditioning. Using the MedX exercise system (href=”http://www.medxonline.com), we isolate and strengthen core muscles surrounding the spine. Research has shown the MedX exercise system obtains the best patient outcomes based on objective measures, not solely on subjective pain ratings. Other treatment modalities include manual therapy techniques, orthotics, traction, and orthopedic bracing.

Dry Needling
Trigger Point Dry Needling is a service currently offered at Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Spine Center. Trigger Point Dry Needling is a procedure in which an acupuncture like needle is inserted into the skin and muscle. This procedure involves inserting the needle into irritable spots in skeletal muscle known as a myofascial trigger point (MTrP). These irritable spots in the skeletal muscle can be tender to palpation for many patients suffering from chronic and long term pain. Trigger points often develop as a result of damage fibers to the muscle, either from injury or overuse. The end result is a lack of blood flow to the muscle, resulting in increased production of pain producing chemicals in the skeletal muscle. During a normal Trigger Point Dry Needling session the needle is inserted directly into these trigger points, eliciting a local twitch response. Production of a local twitch response from the needle disentangles the taut bands in the skeletal muscle, therefore allowing them to resume a more appropriate resting length. This promotes an influx of chemical mediators into the taut band of muscle or “trigger point” and helps to decrease pain. Trigger Point Dry needling is a safe, effective tool that is commonly used during a regular physical therapy session. It is endorsed by the American Physical Therapist Association, and has been proven through evidence based practice to provide significant benefits to patients suffering from chronic pain.

Using our in-house orthotics lab, we assess gait and foot mechanics to determine the best product for your condition. We’re one of the few providers in the region offering both customized and over-the-counter orthotics. Physical therapist Jennifer Wilkins has more than 20 years of experience treating foot and ankle conditions and has completed Phases I and II of When the Foot Hits the Ground continuing education courses.

Orthopedic Bracing
Whether you are recovering from surgery, preventing a sports injury, or just seeking more support, our therapists are there to help. The right brace with the right fit is critical in preventing further injury. We specialize in bracing of the spine, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and hands. Our spine brace system allows core muscles to work while supporting and protecting the spine, decreasing painful symptoms. With less pain, you feel better and can do more. We also provide knee braces designed for orthopedic conditions such as ligament insufficiency, patella maltracking, or unloading an arthritic joint.

Aquatic Physical Therapy
Aquatic physical therapy uses water to facilitate healing and return of function. Water buoyancy decreases the amount of weight borne by the joints and can be useful for patients with osteoarthritis, healing fractured bones, or obesity. Our staff provides this therapy through a cooperative arrangement with the Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
As a key component of comprehensive health care, medical nutrition therapy can improve the health and quality of life for those with a variety of conditions and illnesses. Making a few small changes in your diet now may make a world of difference in your medical future. We can help you in various areas such as weight management, understanding and controlling diabetes, or by providing a few general nutrition tips. Our registered dietitian is here to assist you in making healthy lifestyle choices. We provide this vital service by identifying your nutritional deficiencies and imbalances and customizing a nutritional program you can easily implement at home.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy uses touch to manipulate soft tissues and bring relief to the body and mind. Benefits of massage therapy range from basic daily stress relief and head-to-toe relaxation to aiding in injury or surgery rehabilitation. Our certified massage therapist specializes in therapeutic, sports, Swedish, myofascial release and deep tissue massage.

What Sets Us Apart
Our therapists; have more than a century of combined clinical experience developing and administering evidence-based treatments proven to obtain the most beneficial patient outcomes as backed by medical research. Each therapist practices in a specific area of orthopedic expertise, and most have a master’s or doctoral degree supporting years of clinical work.

At Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Gainesville, VA, and Warrenton, VA, we work diligently to provide complete satisfaction to our patients — and we have the recognition, patient satisfaction and long-term results to show for it. That’s why we consistently rank above industry benchmarks in the nationally renowned SullivanLuallin patient satisfaction surveys, and were named Warrenton’s Best in Physical Therapy for the last 5 years by Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine readers. When you’re looking for the kind of orthopedic care you can count on to meet your needs, come to us.

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