If your insurance company requires a referral from your primary care physician, please submit it at the time of your appointment. If you fail to obtain your referral prior to your appointment, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Your insurance company will only approve a referral for a limited number of visits or a limited time frame. If you require a new referral for future visits with us, please contact your primary care physician. For your convenience you may contact our referral department.

Workers’ Compensation

If you are being seen for a work related injury and are covered under a Workers’ Compensation claim, we will seek payment from that plan as along as you provide us with the necessary claim contact information to allow us to obtain authorization in advance of your appointment. Otherwise, you are obligated to make payment in full at the time services are rendered. If your workers’ compensation plan denies payment for services rendered, you are responsible for payment in full. If you have any questions regarding our workers’ compensation claim you may contact our workers’ compensation department.


If you are a qualified Medicare, Part B, recipient, you will be required to supply us with your active Medicare Card and any secondary supplemental plan at the time of your visit.

Part A covers inpatient hospital care, limited benefits for SNF, Home Health and Hospice, whereas Part B covers your medical (office visits) insurance.

Third Party Liability

We do not hold accounts while third party liability claims are being processed. This would include Motor Vehicle Claims. We request payment is made in full at the time services are rendered.

Disability Forms

Disability Forms can be completed for a minimal fee. Please allow five working days for each form to be processed.

Medical Records

BROA, PC complies with HIPAA privacy standards, and will treat your medical records confidentially, consistent with our Notice of Privacy Practices. Your medical records remain confidential and will not be released to anyone without your written consent. For your convenience, you may print and complete the Medical Records Release Form. You may return this to us via fax 540-347-0492, signed and we will promptly forward your medical records. For your convenience you may contact our medical record department.

Prescription Refills

Medication refills are handled during office hours. If a refill is needed, please call your pharmacy with the prescription number and requested information. The pharmacy will contact us with the request. Prescription refill requests submitted after 2:00 PM will not be filled the same day. Please allow additional time for weekends and holidays. Please check with your pharmacy regarding your prescription. If the doctor is unable to fill the prescription our office will notify you.