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Exercises For Swimmers To Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Admit it, swimmers: after watching the incredible feats of Olympians like Michael Phelps  and Missy Franklin, you’ll swim just a bit harder the next time you get back into the pool. There’s nothing wrong with that—so long as you’re taking proper care of yourself between workouts.

One of the most commonly injured areas for swimmers is the shoulder. Preventing shoulder injuries is impossible, but minimizing their likelihood is definitely something all swimmers should focus on.

Here, courtesy of USA Swimming, are some great exercises  that you can perform out of the pool to help keep your shoulders strong in the pool.

1) Rotator Cuff—Internal Rotation


2) Rotator Cuff—External Rotation


3) Shoulder Blade Squeeze


As USA Swimming notes, the exercises must concentrate on the intended areas, and should be done until the muscles burn and become tired. Conduct the exercises three days per week with a day of rest in between.

Do you have shoulder pain? The experts in our shoulder care center of excellence are available to assist you, analyze the condition, and recommend the most effective treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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