Customized Orthotics



Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center uses our very own in-house orthotics lab to assess gait and foot mechanics to determine the best product for your condition.  We’re one of the few providers in the region offering both customized and over-the-counter orthotics. Physical Therapist, Jennifer Wilkins, has over 17 years of experience treating foot and ankle conditions and has completed Phases I and II of When the Foot Hits the Ground continuing education courses.

Orthotic Bracing

Whether recovering from surgery, preventing a sports injury, or just seeking more support, our physical therapists can help. The right brace with the right fit is critical in preventing further injury. We specialize in bracing of the spine, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, and hand. Our Spine Brace System allows core muscles to work while supporting and protecting the spine, decreasing painful symptoms. With less pain, you feel better and can do more. We also provide knee braces designed for orthopaedic conditions such as ligament insufficiency, patella maltracking, or unloading an arthritic joint.  Call our physical therapy and rehabilitation department today to learn more about our custom orthotic bracing program @ 540.347.2918 or visit our website @

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